Hi, I’m Lexi, a New York-based graphic designer exploring the intersections of advocacy, education, and design.

Creating a publishing house, Jilli Bean! Books, to merge the design + writing interests of Jillian Rees.

“Here, we’re curious about play with storytelling, design, and languages. Jilli Bean! Books started as a family name passed through childhood. We carry the spirit for curious minds who have creative outlets.

We’re looking for unique perspectives to publish, design questioning and experimenting + adventurous spirits to see worlds collide.”

Brand Positioning + Goals
  1. Playful type with a hint of unexpected
  2. Create a system that is flexible for multiple languages
  3. Use composition + color to portray activeness
  4. Explore hand-printing and editions for print applications
  5. Push how type can be a character
  6. Connect visual/conceptual dots of writing, language, play + design 

︎︎︎ Course: Topics-Branding
︎︎︎ Roles: Graphic Designer
︎︎︎ Collaborators: Jillian Rees (writer)
︎︎︎ Deliverables: Branding Identity, Merch
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