Hi, I’m Lexi, a New York-based graphic designer exploring the intersections of advocacy, education, and design.

Gif of a spiral bound book titled, "Amid Access" flipping through different spreads.

How do we as designers control the narrative and visual meaning of accessibility?

With 1.3 billion people having a significant disability, how we create access and who we include in the process is essential to providing adequate support.

Focusing on accessible design beyond function, A is for Access highlights work emphasizing delight, personal expression, and innovation for people with disabilities. The project is composed of three complementary projects: a digital archive, a book, and a manifesto.
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︎︎︎ Course: CD Thesis
︎︎︎ Role: Writing & Research, Editorial Design
︎︎︎ Deliverables: Spiral-Bound Book, Mini Design Manifesto
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